About Keskan

Learn about the history of our company, dating back as far as 1947!

Mr. Harkishan Hingorani made India’s first ready made shirt under the brand “Liberty Shirts” in Mumbai, India.

Liberty Shirt brand was sold to a group of investors.

First garment factory was setup for garment exports in Bangalore by Mr. Pradeep Hingorani.

2 more factories opened, 1 sweater knit factory, 1 garment laundry and 1 packaging factory.

Total of 5 garment factories operating + 1 washing plant + 1 packaging plant.

KKI / Keskan started as a sourcing and manufacturing service for a myriad range of productsincluding footwear, accessories, homeware and clothing.

Started Bangladesh and China office operations.

Started UK Design + Sales office.

Fast-track orders for e-commerce companies from India and Turkey.

Manufacturing fast-track for orders in Tunisia.

Serving more than 10 customers, across 6 countries, shipping more than 5 million garments a year, manufactured in more than 3 countries.